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This week we talk to Tom Asacker

Tom Asacker, a popular speaker and acclaimed author, is recognized by Inc. Magazine, M.I.T., and Y.E.O. as a past member of their Birthing of Giants executive leadership program. He is a former General Electric executive, recipient of the George Land Innovator of the Year Award, and a former high-tech business owner. Asacker has been a strategic adviser to startups and Fortune-listed companies. He is the author of critically acclaimed books including his latest, I Am Keats. 

In This Interview, Tom Asacker and I Discuss...

  • His book, I am Keats: Escape Your Mind and Free Yourself
  • John Keats and Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  • That once you have a story, that's the end of any change
  • How limiting a story is
  • That we are spinning stories all of the time
  • The difference between fact vs truth
  • How attached we are to our perception of the world
  • That technology promotes the myth that we are in control
  • The truth that you can't learn about life by merely reading about it, you can only truly learn about life by living it
  • Our reasoning mind that differentiates us as animals
  • That life is a journey of paradoxes and ambiguity
  • The importance of being empathizing and being mindful throughout this journey
  • The desire for meaning
  • How everyone is looking for meaning externally in their lives
  • How that won't work because our culture is broken
  • That it is a personal discovery journey to live life
  • How we always have the opportunity to make other people's lives better but we have to be awake in life to do so
  • The importance of control and certainty in our lives
  • How to differentiate the voices in our heads
  • That the end result of anything that we're seeking is a feeling
  • Human nature is to be curious, compassionate and creative
  • What would happen if characters in movies could control their scenes? The result would be crushingly boring movies. Can you see the correlation between this idea and life itself?



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 Sarah Kaufman- Full- The One You Feed


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This week we talk to Sarah Kaufman about grace

SARAH L. KAUFMAN is a Pulitzer Prize-winning critic, author, journalist and educator. For more than 30 years, she has focused on the union of art and everyday living. She is the dance critic and senior arts writer of the Washington Post, where she has written about the performing arts, pop culture, sports and body language since 1993. Her book, THE ART OF GRACE: On Moving Well Through Life, won a Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers Award, was a Washington Post Notable Book of 2015 and has been featured on NPR’s “On Point with Tom Ashbrook.” Sarah Kaufman recently appeared at the South-by-Southwest Interactive Festival, speaking on a panel inspired by her book, titled, "Can Grace Survive in the Digital Age?" She has taught and lectured at universities and institutes around the country. In 2010 she became the first dance critic in 35 years to win the Pulitzer Prize.

In This Interview, Sarah Kaufman and I Discuss...

  • Her book, The Art of Grace on Moving Well Through Life
  • How she defines grace
  • The idea of ease at it relates to grace
  • The three different types of grace that she looks at in her book
  • Physical Grace
  • Social Grace
  • Spiritual Grace
  • That grace exists where we forget ourselves and aim instead to bring pleasure to others
  • The fact that we have a "grace gap" in our current culture
  • The religious take on grace
  • The relationship between overload and grace
  • That grace is a worldview and a philosophy that allows us to take care of ourselves and others
  • Considering the idea of "defying gravity" when considering the idea of grace
  • The paradox of grace
  • That practice makes graceful
  • The graceful balance skill with ease
  • The role of movement in grace
  • Posture - how do you do it and why is it important
  • The grace of a smooth running commercial kitchen
  • How being present is crucial to observing grace
  • That grace doesn't demand perfection, it simply means that we lean into our humanity
  • Tips to practice grace



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Joey Svendsen- Full- The One You Feed

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This week we talk to Joey Svendsen

Joey Svendsen grew up in Charleston, SC and received a degree in Elementary Education from Winthrop University in 1999. After graduation, he taught school for 5 years and served as a youth minister at New Beginnings Church in James Island.

He is now the campus pastor Joey for the James Island Campus of Seacoast Church.

His book is called Fundamentalist and describes his journey of growing up in a fundamentalist church while having OCD and depression.

He is also part of the popular The Bad Christian Podcast

 In This Interview, Joey Svendsen and I Discuss...

  • How the rigid do's and don'ts found in Christianity are so contrary to Jesus
  • How he found a form of Christianity that worked for him, so much so that he became a pastor
  • His podcast, Bad Christian
  • How he grew up in a fundamentalist Christian church as a child with OCD and depression
  • How we can accept that as humans we're flawed and also move forward with a good life
  • Scrupulosity
  • That you can train your brain to be consumed with fear, self-loathing and punishment
  • How his goal is to be a catalyst to unity and understanding
  • That we the people make the country regardless of what's happening in the government
  • The stupidity and ignorance of assuming your beliefs are 100% right and the beliefs of the other side is 100% wrong
  • His beautiful description of depression
  • That it's hard to properly evaluate a situation when your brain is the problem
  • How he manages his periods of depression
  • The importance of having grace with those suffering from depression
  • Thinking of the brain as a physical organ when it comes to depression
  • How important it is to give people the benefit of the doubt
  • How his view of depression has evolved
  • How to be open

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Mark Shapiro Full The One You Feed

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This week we talk to Mark Shapiro about being authentic

Mark Shapiro is a former marketing director at Showtime Networks Inc., Mark left his six-figure corporate job after 12 years and is on a mission to bring more of what’s real & authentic to the world. He is the founder of, the Host of The One & Only Podcast, and a heralded transformational trainer, coach, and speaker.

 In This Interview, Mark Shapiro and I Discuss...

  • His podcast, The One and Only
  • What "authenticity" means to him
  • What it means to live "authentically"
  • Why authenticity is important
  • How focusing on authenticity can build confidence, liberate you and fulfill you
  • How living authentically can bring huge value to the world
  • That it can be hard not to live authentically
  • His choice to leave corporate America
  • People who are not afraid to be themselves
  • People who are afraid to be themselves
  • How living in alignment with your core values can contribute to living authentically
  • That we're either growing or we're dying
  • To always keep the door open to growth and redefining who we are
  • How to remain flexible to new ideas as we age
  • That though we don't like to be uncomfortable, it's rewarding when we take smart risks and try something new
  • How setting goals and being held accountable supports living outside our comfort zones
  • Doing the thing that scares you the most first thing in the day
  • The questions we can ask ourselves to see if we're living authentically

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