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Dave Davies The One You Feed

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This week on The One You Feed we have Dave Davies of the legendary band The Kinks.

As lead guitarist and founder of The Kinks, Dave Davies is one of the most unpredictable and original forces in rock, without whom guitar-rock styles including heavy metal and punk would have been inconceivable. A member of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Dave's massive guitar sounds have inspired bands from Van Halen to Green Day. In addition to his dozens of albums with The Kinks, Dave has released three official solo albums.

In 2003, Davies was ranked 88th in Rolling Stone magazine's list of the "100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time"

He has released six official studio albums, the latest being 2013's I Will Be Me.  He is also the author of a new book called Heal: A Guide to Meditation.

In This Interview Dave and I Discuss...

  • The One You Feed parable.
  • How early in life he heard the pull of the two wolves.
  • How we need both wolves.
  • His new book Heal: A Guide to Meditation.
  • The value of meditation.
  • How breathing affects the mind and body.
  • How meditation helped him to recover from his massive stroke.
  • Star Trek and Star Wars.
  • How we need our pain.
  • The power of intention.
  • Some of his favorite solo records.
  • The karma of his relationship with his brother, Ray.
  • The value of happy accidents.
  • Some of his favorite guitar riffs.
  • The origins of his beautiful song Flowers in the Rain.
  • Thoughts on a Kinks reunion.
  • What he has planned for the future.

Dave Davies Links

Dave Davies Hompage

Heal: A Guide to Meditation

Dave's excellent new record I Will Be Me

Dave Davies on Twitter


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Rich Roll- The One You Feed

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This week on The One You Feed we have Rich Roll.

Rich Roll  is a 47-year old, accomplished vegan ultra-endurance athlete and former entertainment attorney turned full-time wellness & plant-based nutrition advocate, motivational speaker, husband, father of 4 and inspiration to people worldwide as a transformative example of courageous and healthy living.

In 2012, Rich became a #1 bestselling author with the publication of his inspirational memoir Finding Ultra: Rejecting Middle Age, Becoming One of the World’s Fittest Men, and Discovering Myself.  Taking up where the book leaves off, in 2013 Rich launched the wildly popular Rich Roll Podcast, which persistently sits atop the iTunes top-10 lists.

In May 2010, Rich and his ultra-colleague Jason Lester accomplished an unprecedented feat of staggering endurance many said was not possible. Something they call the EPIC5 CHALLENGE – a odyssey that entailed completing 5 ironman-distance triathlons on 5 islands of Hawaii in under a week. Commencing on Kauai, they travelled to Oahu, Molokai and Maui before finishing on the Big Island, following the course of the Ironman World Championships on the Kona coast.

 In This Interview Rich and I Discuss...

  • The One You Feed parable.
  • His experience feeding the bad wolf.
  • His battle with alcoholism.
  • How his sobriety wasn't all he needed for happiness.
  • His moment of clarity at 40 that made him change his life again.
  • The value of a plant based diet.
  • How important it is to be ourselves and be vulnerable in telling our story.
  • How nervous he was about sharing his innermost thoughts in his book.
  • How he followed his heart and it led to a new life for him
  • Why you should stop lifehacking and invest in the journey.
  • How to push through discomfort.
  • The difference between the thinking mind and your higher consciousness.
  • Eric taking on a 30 day plant power challenge.

Rich Roll Links

Rich Roll homepage

The Rich Roll podcast

Rich Roll on Medium

Why You Should Stop Lifehacking and Invest in the Journey

@RichRoll on Twitter

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Blue Tree- The One You Feed

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Eric goes solo for mini-episode two.

Hi Everyone....I'm doing another 5 minute mini-episode. This one I talk about why we started the podcast and some thoughts on the Two Wolves parable. The audio quality is not up to our normal standards but I'm doing the recording outside of our studios.

As always feedback is very welcome and appreciated.

We will release a normal episode on Tuesday as always.



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brian koppelman the one you


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This week on The One You Feed we have Brian Koppelman.

Brian Koppelman is an American screenwriter, novelist, director, and producer. Best known as the co-writer of Ocean's Thirteen and Rounders, Koppelman has also produced films such as The Illusionist and The Lucky Ones as well as directed films such as Solitary Man.

He was an A&R representative from 1988-1997 for such companies as Elektra Records, Giant Records, SBK Records and EMI Records, during which time he discovered singer songwriter Tracy Chapman and executive-produced her first album.

He is also the creator of the excellent video series called The Six Second Screenwriter and the host of the new podcast, The Moment with Brian Koppelman.

Brian is also one of the kindest guys out there. He is genuinely curious about life and people. We really enjoyed our conversation.

 In This Interview Brian and I Discuss...

  • The One You Feed parable, although a bit later than usual.
  • How he got his start as a screenwriter and writing his first script, Rounders.
  • Why working everyday is so important.
  • The power of momentum.
  • Specific practices he does to feed his good wolf.
  • How our intentions tell us a lot about which wolf we are feeding.
  • The importance of art in a good life.
  • A great fiction recommendation from Brian.
  • How denying your creative side can turn you toxic
  • His new podcast, The Moment with Brian Koppelman.
  • Some of his pivotal moments in life.
  • How stand-up comedy helped him face his fears and finish the script he was stuck on.
  • WTF and Marc Maron.
  • Curiosity.
  • Music we love.

Brian Koppelman Links

Brian Koppelman homepage

The Six Second Screenwriting Lessons

The Moment with Brian Koppelman podcast

Brian Koppelman IMDb profile

Brian's article about WTF and Jim Breuer

Twitter- @briankoppelman

City of Thieves, Brian's book  recommendation

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Chris Bogan-the one you


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This week on The One You Feed we have Chris Brogan.

Chris Brogan is a best selling author, the publisher of the new online business magazine Owner, and the president of Human Business Works. He leads online classes on improving your business and yourself. He has a popular podcast and is one of the good guys in online marketing.

Chris puts out a weekly newsletter that you can sign up for here. It is one of those rare emails that I read each week.

We had a chance to go beyond (actually skipped entirely) online marketing and instead focused on being a better human.

 In This Interview Chris and I Discuss...

  • The One You Feed parable.
  • The bad wolf's smelly poop.
  • The power of confidence.
  • Building confidence by taking small risks.
  • How limiting chasing comfort can be.
  • Feedback and reward systems.
  • The value of accountability.
  • How mind reading others lands us in trouble.
  • Permission.
  • Starting where you are.
  • How Seth Godin got Chris to read Pema Chodron.
  • Chris' conversion to Buddhism.
  • Dealing with setbacks.
  • Than danger of the all or nothing mentality.

Chris Brogan Links

Owner Magazine

Chris Brogan Homepage

Human Business Works

Pre-Order Chris' latest book: The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth: Entrepreneurship for Weirdos, Misfits, and World Dominators

Twitter- @chrisbrogan


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the one you feed tree


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Hi Everyone...trying something new. Eric goes solo for a quick talk on getting moving when you feel stuck. 

We will be back with a normal episode on our usual release day, Tuesday.


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shozan jack haubner the one you feed


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This week on The One You Feed we have Shozan Jack Haubner.

Shozan Jack Haubner is the author of the wonderful memoir Zen Confidential: Confessions of A Wayward Monk. We loved this book. It was poignant, insightful and absolutely hilarious. With a foreword written by, Leonard Cohen (The Guest We Want The Most), we should have known it would be great.

Jack has also won a Pushcart Prize and been featured in the Best Buddhist Writing Series. His humorous essays have appeared in Tricycle, Utne Reader, BuddhaDharma, Huffington Post, Shambhala Sun, Spirituality & Health, and the Sun. A former screenwriter and standup comic, he moved to a Zen Buddhist monastery in the early aughts. He was drawn to the rigors of Zen practice, the deep insight of the tradition, and the fact that Zen monks do not have to refrain from cursing or drinking alcohol. A year into his life as a full-time Zen monk he discovered that Buddhism is fundamentally about "no self." He is still wondering if an exception can be made in his case.

 In This Interview Jack and I Discuss...

  • The One You Feed parable.
  • His interpretation of The Middle Way in Buddhism.
  • Our shadow side.
  • How the problem and the solution are one.
  • How the people in our lives are not a hindrance to awakening, they are our teachers.
  • The role of humor in living a good life.
  • How we turn ourselves into constant self improvement projects and the problems with that.
  • How meditation helps us to know ourselves better.
  • The life lessons of working in a monastery kitchen.

Shozan Jack Haubner Links

Zen Confidential: Confessions of a Wayward Monk

Shozan Jack Haubner Twitter 

Shozan Jack Haubner Shambala page


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Tony Dekker- The One You Fee

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This week on The One You Feed we have Tony Dekker.

Tony Dekker is the founding member, lead singer and the lead songwriter of the band Great Lake Swimmers. He has also recently released an excellent solo album, Prayer for The Woods.

The Great Lake Swimmers, were founded in 2003, and have released five studio albums since. Their 2009 record, Lost Channels, was shortlisted for the prestigious Polaris Prize, and their followup, New Wild Everywhere, was released in 2012. The band is working on a new album currently.

 In This Interview Tony and I discuss...

  • The One You Feed parable.
  • How important the natural world is in feeding our good wolf.
  • His life growing up on the farm.
  • The various places that he has recorded over time and the value of "place".
  • The value of considering our own death.
  • Our shared love of Leonard Cohen.
  • The next Great Lake Swimmers record.
  • His trip to Antarctica.
  • Prayer of the Woods poem and song.

Tony Dekker Links

Great Lake Swimmers homepage

Tony Dekker homepage

Great Lake Swimmers Amazon Page


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