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This week we talk to Sam Weinman about losing

Sam Weinman is Golf Digest’s digital editor. He previously covered professional golf and the NHL for Gannett Newspapers. His first book is called WIN AT LOSING: How Our Biggest Setbacks Can Lead To Our Greatest Gains

In This Interview, Sam Weinman and I Discuss...

  • His book, Win at Losing: How Our Biggest Setbacks Can Lead to Our Greatest Gains
  • The truth that we learn more from losing than we do from winning
  • That you're far better served listening to those who have lost constructively than those who've simply won
  • How you can learn to lose and fail better
  • That sports are a window into everything else in life
  • The difference between losing and failure
  • The '87 Masters lesson
  • How to find the balance between being hard on yourself and beating the sh*t out of yourself
  • The power of talking to yourself like you would a really good friend
  • Shifting the emphasis away from the results and more towards an ongoing process
  • That if you're always the victim, there's nothing you can do about your circumstances
  • The relationship between a growth and a fixed mindset and focusing on the goal vs the results
  • Counterfactual thinking: Focusing on what could have been vs what is
  • The fact that losing teaches you more about who you are than winning teaches you
  • How your past doesn't define you, it prepares you
  • What "not this but that" means
  • Post Traumatic Growth
  • Ways to foster resilience in yourself
  • Cognitive Restructuring
  • How important context and mindset is

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